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Our Story

Active Menopause Life was created by  UK online coach finalist Janette Cardy.  Janette is an expert in her field with over 25 years experience. She has presented alongside a number of  Doctors sharing her expertise and knowledge in the subject of health and fitness during the menopause. She has also  been a guest on Dr Louise Newson's  menopause podcast. 


Janette is here to support you, to motivate you and to help you to thrive during the menopause in body, mind and soul.

Active Menopause Founder

Janette Cardy

This is the reason I have set up Active Menopause Life;

to help you to navigate your way through menopause with support, guidance and professional coaching.

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How did Active Menopause Life Begin?

Active Menopause was born out of a genuine desire to help those going through the Menopause.

A few words from the Founder, Janette Cardy;

I have always been fit and healthy until I turned 40. 

I suffered Graves Disease and 2 serious strokes.

I was left unable to speak not much more than a whisper.

I had to have speech therapy and relearn basic skills that I had always taken for granted. 

During this time I set myself some goals :

1. to continue my fitness company 

2. to compete for GB and win a medal at Europeans or Worlds (age group)


I achieved both but it wasn't easy. 


The next time I felt "lost" was aged 50.

I was starting to doubt myself, I had lost my mojo and was lacking a lot of confidence. I knew I was perimenopausal. 


I reached out to my Doctors and was told due to the medication I was on for the thyroid I could not go on HRT.

I researched it and went back numerous times with the same outcome. I was then referred to a specialist and was told with the strokes I had suffered, I COULD go on HRT. 


I sat in the car and cried. 

I finally felt listened to. 


I went back to the GP and with the support of the specialist was finally put on HRT. 

Within weeks I started to find myself again. 


This is the reason I have set up Active Menopause Life;

to help you to navigate your way through menopause with support, guidance and professional coaching.


I have over 25 years of experience and expertise in the fitness industry and have helped thousands of women to feel body positive. 


Active Menopause Life combines fitness with nutrition and mindset support. 

It is designed to help you to feel fitter, healthier and mentally stronger. 

Helping you to thrive during the menopause. 


You are NOT alone. 

Janette Cardy

How does it work?

Active Menopause Life - Online Fitness and Mindful courses for menopausal women..

The Active Menopause Life programme consists of 3 main areas of expertise to help you to thrive during this time of your life. 


Healthy in the Body

You will have access to a full library of workout courses and specific menopause focussed plans which you can follow along to anytime anywhere. 

Literally, unlimited access.


Our classes are for everyone. 

We have classes suitable for beginners, and also  those wanting to take their fitness a stage further. 


The best way to describe this online community programme is its like having your own Pocket PT with you 365 days a year. 

Healthy in the Kitchen

Regular recipes, nutrition talks and guidance on what to eat during the menopause.  Helping you to enjoy food whilst maintaining energy levels and mood. 

Healthy in the Mind

This section is Life Coaching. Regular talks and coaching on how to navigate your way positively through the menopause. 

This also includes a safe place to ask Janette questions and have support throughout. 



This online community programme is for you:

  • If you want support during the menopause 

  • Professional coaching without the price tag

  • You don't want to feel alone

  • You are ready to invest in your own health and wellbeing. 


 Active Menopause life is  free, sign up with us and enjoy unlimited access to all courses. 100% Free.

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Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or check out our FAQ’s Section Here.

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