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We have a whole set of different courses to get you started on your Active Menopause journey. If you are a beginner there is our 'Getting into Fitness' course designed just for you - or if you are already doing regular fitness classes we have some more advanced courses perfect to improve your menopause journey. Explore some of our courses below or click here to view the full course catalogue.

Get Started

For Beginners

Getting into fitness - or getting back into fitness can be daunting. We give you a gentle course to build confidence and fitness levels gradually. We direct you with classes to help you to build up steadily. Trying a variety of classes and enjoying the journey of making you a priority once more.


Getting into Fitness

Getting into Fitness

All Categories
All Categories

Getting into fitness compound moves full body

Get into fitness upper body

Getting into fitness low impact

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Full Body Results

If you are looking for something to cover all bases our series of full body results courses are a good place to start. We have our 'getting into fitness' course (above) for those who have not done any exercise programs before, and the more intense 'full body results'. We also have our 'full body results' course. You can find a little taster below or click to view all available courses..

Full Body