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About the Active Menopause Life Programme

Healthy in the Body

The core part of Active Menopause Life is 'Healthy in Body'. A range of fitness courses and classes to help you stay healthy through your Menopause Life.

Fitness Portrait
Fitness Portrait

our Mission

Healthy in the body means you will have access to brand new workouts, fitness courses and challenges to help you to thrive during the menopause.
We have a huge variety of workouts suitable for complete beginners or those looking to take their fitness to the next level.
There really is something for everyone.
Courses and classes such as barre, core, body blitz, fitness pilates, HIIT/LIIT, mobility, joint care, sculpted leg workouts and upper body toning classes.

Increase your fitness, improve your strength and tone whilst also building your confidence.

how it works

Most classes are 10-25 mins so are easy to fit into any busy schedule and especially good if you are lacking energy but still want to get your body moving and get results. With our memberships you can either follow a course or choose a workout independently to do as a stand alone workout - available via 'My Account' once signed up.

The best part of our courses are they are progressive. You work at your own pace and can pause any video any time. We use our knowledge and expertise of over 25 years to prepare the sessions to ensure you get maximum results without endless hours of training.

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