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About the Active Menopause Life Programme

Healthy in the Kitchen

'Healthy in the Kitchen' is the part of the programme tailored to bringing you healthy and nutritious recipes and tips to becoming healthier through what you produce in the kitchen.

Nutritional Cooking

our Mission

During the menopause we can often feel tired and sluggish. Making sure we eat well to gain the correct balance of nutrients is key to getting through. Nutrition is important during menopause because it can help alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes and fatigue.
Healthy in the kitchen is about being fuelled well to continue your Active Menopause Life journey with the ingredients you need to succeed.

how it works

This section includes recipes tested by ourselves that will help you to build a healthier lifestyle.
You will also have access to all nutrition E books too.
These include changing unhealthy habits for good, nutrition essentials, hormones,  guide to calories and our emotional eaters guide. You can get a free recipe download right here.
All to help you to feel healthier during the menopause but without dieting, restricting or banning certain food groups.

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