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About the Active Menopause Life Programme

Healthy in the Mind

'Healthy in the Mind' is an important part of the programme that ensures you stay healthy in the mind throughout your Menopause Life.

Women Practicing Yoga

our Mission

During the menopause we can often feel alone and isolated. When you start your perimenopause journey you can feel anxiety and a lack of confidence which you have never felt before.
Healthy in the mind section is about offering you a support network where you can connect with others so you don’t feel alone. 

how it works

We will be providing talks on managing stress, self care and dealing with anxiety.


Janette Cardy is a life coach and her aim is to ensure you don’t feel alone.


We have included a free taster to our mindset guide here which is interactive and will help you to set goals and to stay on track.

Friends Taking Selfie
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