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Start your Active Menopause Life.

Menopause is natural . 

You cant prevent it but you can manage it and it is essential to make healthy lifestyle choices through the menopause to make it easier to cope. Start your Active Menopause Life now and find out how we can help you.

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What is Active Menopause Life?

We offer those going through menopause, tailored courses for fitness in both mind and body. We are here to help you navigate your way through menopause with support, guidance and professional coaching. You can try us out for free right here.

The Active Menopause Life System

Active Menopause Life is built around three key aspects. Select any of the options below to find out more...

Pots and Pans

A taste of Active Menopause Life...

Get Started
15 minute Body Blitz with hand weights
Active Menopause Life

15 minute Body Blitz with hand weights

All Categories
All Categories
Full Body Workout
Lower Body

15 minute Body Blitz with hand weights

20 minute Full Body Workout

20 minute Fitness Pilates

15 minute Cardio & Lower Body

Why use Active Menopause Life?

Classes start whenever you decide

You can join any of our courses at any time and go at your own pace. We know life can be busy so you can complete the courses when the time is right for you.

Try something new

There is a course to suit everyone.

Whatever stage you are at in your menopause journey, there will be a course that will suit your schedule, your personal aims and fitness goals.

Expert, Experienced Instructor

Janette Cardy has been delivering courses to women in the menopause for years. These courses have been delivered in person as well as online so you know you are in safe hands,

Membership is Free

No Sign Up Fees - No Ongoing Fees

We know that Menopause affects all women so Janette decided to make Active Menopause Life free so that ALL women can take part and enjoy the life improvements being healthier can offer.

Please help spread the word and grow our membership